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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Karaoke Night Raffle List Update!

If there's one thing I learned about fundraising, it's really really difficult, especially in this economy! Tere and I are no where near our goals, but we have some exciting events coming up and hopefully we'll be a lot closer so we can concentrate on our mileage.

We rode Grant's Trail yesterday -- the entire 16 miles. Remember me talking about wanting to find the feeling of my youth, feeling free again and having no fear of the bike? I finally felt that yesterday. After putting my wheel on with a little help from Tere, we were off. And it was so nice to have a trail with minimal traffic and hills, just to coast down. Along the way I could smell the freshly cut grass and the wildflowers, and we saw a ton of bunnies and Clydesdales. What a combination! It was nice to feel the breeze in my face and the wind in my hair. (I don't wear a helmet unless I have to folks, I mean, seriously, if I can survive a fall off a platform in Florence I think I'll be OK.)

We are headed down to Busch Stadium on Sunday to hand out beads for our first canister drive. If I have to shake a can every day this summer to make my goal, I will. I really want to succeed at this -- to see it through to the end. You can help with that by coming to Good Tymes Karaoke Night Thursday, June 17. It's always a blast there on Thursdays and this night will be even more special. Thank you all in advance for your support!

Updated raffle list:
  • A FREE Zoom Whitening from my friends at Parkview Dental
  • $20 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse
  • A one-day pass at The Watering Bowl for your dog to run and play! (Maddux goes here and he loves it!)
  • A gift certificate to Tequila's Mexican Restaurant (value pending)

And we are giving away 6 free appetizers or desserts from T.G.I. Friday's as door prizes.

I am working on securing more, so stay tuned!

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