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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Tymes Karaoke Night!

Hello Readers,

As I'm sure you've all seen, Mike, the owner of Good Tymes, has generously accepted my offer to host a karaoke fundraising night June 17. I am very excited and I hope to raise a lot of money for cancer research. I have a few great prizes lined up so far:

  • a $20 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse
  • free appetizers and desserts from T.G.I. Friday's
  • a free ZOOM Whitening from my awesome dentist over at Parkview Dental in Columbia, Ill.
I'm working on securing some other great things for door prizes or to raffle off, so please come out and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Good Tymes.

Along the fundraising lines, I'm nervous I won't raise enough money to go. It's a lot of work and there are a lot of companies out there saying no. It seems like everyone has a cause ... so hopefully I'll raise enough by the July mid-way point to keep going.

Saturday's ride in Forest Park was much better. I didn't hit any children or concrete barricades (I avoided one altogether by going around in the grass). I was still very nervous and am looking forward to the day that I can let go of the fear and just enjoy riding. I need to enjoy it more because we did 12 miles on Saturday, and once we really start raising the mileage bar, there needs to be some fun involved!

Thanks again everyone for reading and I hope you can come out to karaoke night at Good Tymes on June 17. I'll be taking requests :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Christ I'm Old

Saturday, May 15, 2010, was the first day I had been on a bicycle since May of 1994. It was around that time I got my learner's permit to drive a car and I never looked back.

I was a speed demon on my bike back in the day, riding as fast as I could go around the wild streets of Perryville. It was one of the greatest joys of my childhood. So, I was quite excited when my BFF Tere (who has since joined me on the century ride, very exciting) and her husband Jim accompanied me to Crystal City Cyclery to pick out my new wheels.

I will skip all of the logistics #1 because they are boring, and #2 because I was only half paying attention. I got on the first bike and found that I couldn't turn corners anymore. Hey folks, it had been a while. By the time I got done figuring out I needed a helmet, and a bag thing to keep stuff in, and the stuff to put in it, and gloves, and a cage thing to put water in, I was overwhelmed.

Jim showed me how to take off the front wheel to get the bike in my trunk, something I'm sure will take me a few tries to do on my own, and someone had better double check it every time because I'm also sure that my wheel is going to fall off at some point, causing me to face plant into the concrete.

On Sunday I was up bright and early and headed to Forest Park. The Team in Training, led by our coach, Doug, and our mentor, Jerry, was in full effect, rain or shine. We did 6 miles, which is one lap around the park, and it wasn't bad. The highlights:

1. I stopped at the first corner and had to physically turn the bike while standing because I freaked out.
2. When we passed the first child on his left, I didn't veer around him far enough and ran into him. Awesome.
3. I ran into a concrete barrier head first after crossing the street.

At least I was at the back of the pack and Jerry was the only one to see my mishaps. Even after this nervewracking weekend of out-of-my-comfort-zone-ness, I felt a great sense of accomplishment when it was done.

Stay tuned for a BIG announcement for my first TNT Leukemia and Lymphoma fundraising night!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kicking Off the Biggest Race of My Life ... Actually the ONLY Race of My Life So Far!

Hey everyone,

As many of you know, I have been instructed by my wonderful counselor, the all-knowing Denny, to fill my life with as many hobbies/distractions/positive, healthy things that I can.

I had been familiar with Team in Training/The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society over the years, and I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Not only is one raising money for a great cause, but I would be forced to get in shape because I would be working with a team and going to a beautiful location somewhere. However, A: I don't run anywhere but from the cops and B: I can't swim, so a triathlon would be out. Then I saw the Honolulu Century Ride pop up on their site.

Yes, it is 100 miles that I'm going to be training for in the St. Louis summer. Yes, it is in Hawaii. Pros and cons folks. I signed up last week and yesterday was kick-off, where we received our training schedule and met most members of our team.

Our team of 13 or so looks like a great group of people. We had our leis, tacky Hawaiian shirts and Hawaiian Punch ready to go, and we clearly were gonna work hard and have the most fun.

I have no idea what to expect. I don't even own a bike yet, and haven't been on one since I got my driver's license. I never had to wear a helmet when I was a kid. And, I've never had to raise money of any sort. I've never been a girl scout or been a band member.

So, these next 5 months will be a journey outside of my comfort zone. Denny is thrilled, of course. Hopefully you all will keep reading and will donate. You aren't donating to me, you are donating through me to the cause. Our honored teammate is Josie, and she is the daughter of one of our team riders. I am looking forward to getting to know them personally, because to me putting a personal spin on things makes all of the difference.

Below is a link to where you can donate to help kick off my fundraising. Thanks so much for reading.


To donate: